Mortgage in £14,000 and Reassignment (endorsed)

Scope and Content

Mortgage in £14,000, 20 Dec 1770:

(i) Charles Vere of the parish of Saint Bridget otherwise Saint Brides, London, esq.

(ii) Mary Reesen of the parish of Saint Mary Lebone, co. Middlesex, widow.

An annual rent of £58 issuing from the manor of Sutton Coldfield otherwise Sutton Colfield, the chase and park of Sutton Coldfield, and messuages and lands thereto belonging in cos. Warwick and Stafford, messuages and lands [specified] in Astley and Bedworth, co. Warwick, and the lordship of Exhall otherwise Exall, a capital messuage called Exhall Hall, and messuages and lands in the parish of Exhall in the county of the city of Coventry.

[NLW ref.313].

Reassignment, 05 Mar 1776:

(i) Gertrude Reesen and Cordelia Reesen both of New Norfolk Street, parish of Saint George, Hanover Square, co. Middlesex, spinsters.

(ii) Charles Vere.

The properties specified in No. 313(a).

[NLW ref.313].


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