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RA [PH] Hughes (Disserth) [Dyserth] to Evan Edwards, Esq. (Rhuall): has received the recipient's agreement with his miners and his work differs much from the recipient's; his course is to pay the miners 40s. for digging and dressing, he finding 'fatts, syves, ropes, and tymber', and he sells 'for £5.5s. the great wth syve oare per tun, and £4.5s. the smythom'; the recipient's agreement seems to be 'either to give yor Miners £3 per tun for the first 20 tie and 50s. per tun after, or they to pay you 25s per tun at yor elecion. And in my iudgemt. it is more adventagious to you to give yor Miners £3 and 50s. then to take 25s per tun, for doubtles oare wilbe very precious hereafter, if the State bee settled, as I hope it will. I heare yor oare is fitt for potters wch sells already for £7 per tun & vpwards the round, and for the smythom you are neere the mill. You menc'on not who shalbe at the charge of Tooles...'

Endorsed: 'Mr Raph Hughes Sheriffe touching my lead worke, etc.'

[NLW ref.167].


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