Lantern Slide

Scope and Content

Handwritten label on the front of slide states: "G. Muller and L. Strong"

A map of South America labelled "The Continent of Opportunity". With a verse underneath: "Behold I have set before thee an open door and no man can shut it (Rev III 8)". There is also a photograph of George Müller labelled "George Müller. Modern apostle of prayer, and philanthropist, the first of whose many timely gifts to the late Mr Leonard Strong, then of Demerara, in fellowship in the Gospel, led Mr Strong to continue to labour in that Colony in dependence upon God".

There is also an image of Leonard Strong labelled "Leonard Strong, Pioneer Missionary, in 1827 gave up £800 year and manse, that he, depending on God alone, might, through His Holy Spirits guidance preach Christ to the natives of British Guiana".