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Scope and Content

File containing correspondence and papers as follows:

  • /1, /7, /16 and /55-56 Letters from Tom Callaghan relating to: progress on his poem sequence 'Bone', from which he sends typescript extracts; [Edwin Morgan's] New divan collection; C.H. Sisson; Schmidt's own poetry; and Callaghan's involvement with poetry magazine Yorick at York University. /1 is a letter written in rhyming couplets (28 Jan-2 Nov 1977 and n.d.).
  • /2 Letter from John Campbell-Kease relating to Elizabeth Daryush's funeral which he has just attended [1977].
  • /3, /17 and /46-47 Letters from Charles Causley relating to: his appreciation of an article on his work by Edward Levy [in PN Review 6]; and the planned special issue of PN Review [Crisis for Cranmer and King James], devoted to the Book of Common Prayer and King James Bible (12 May-10 Dec 1978).
  • /4 Letter from Tony Connor relating to poems submitted to PN Review (7 May, year omitted).
  • /5-6 and /50-51 Correspondence with Joyce Crick relating to: her thoughts on PN Review; suggestions of potential German essays for inclusion in the journal; and the possibility of Carcanet reprinting Edwin Muir's Scott and Scotland (17-24 May 1979).
  • /8 Letter from Simon [Curtis] relating to his thoughts on PN Review and enclosing some poems for possible inclusion in the journal as follows: 'Valedictory', 'Midnight Drive', 'Mrs Payne', '"The English Look Unwashed" She Said', 'Old Woman in Mendel's Abbey Church in Brno', 'Sports Extra', 'Scapegoat', and 'Joe and Rory' (n.d.).
  • /9-14 Letters and notes from Marcus Cumberlege, relating to: his current writing; his collaboration with artist Roland Brat and musician Lieven Misschaert in Bruges where he is currently living; the evolution of his latest poetry collection, of which a version entitled 'Poems for Another Day' is included in /11, and a later version entitled 'Bonsai from Bruges' is included in /12; his hopes that Carcanet might undertake British publication of the collection; and the possibility of producing a second revised edition of his 1970 Carcanet collection Poems for Quena and Tabla. In /14 he encloses typescript poems as follows: 'The Poorest Quarter of Wonderville' by Alejandro Romualdo, translated by Cumberlege; 'Amerika: See it to Believe it' and 'Supplement in Black & White' by Scott Rollins; and three Haiku poems and 'Guernica' by Cumberlege himself (2 Oct 1976-15 Feb 1977 and n.d.).
  • /15 Postcard from Alasdair Clayre, who agrees to contribute to the C[harles] Tomlinson issue [PN Review 5] [19 Apr 1977]
  • /18, /24-27 and /29-43 Correspondence with Thomas Crawford relating to: the publication of Crawford's Love, labour and liberty: the eighteenth-century Scottish lyric (1976), which formed part of a series of Carcanet books on Scottish literature; plans for a book by Crawford called Burns and the popular lyric, to form part of the same series [which was not ultimately published by Carcanet]; attempts to find an American publisher for the series; Crawford's decision in 1978 to withdraw from involvement in the series (a further letter from Crawford on this topic is included with Ian Campbell's correspondence at CPA/2/2/14/10); and Maurice Lindsay's anthology Modern Scottish poetry, including some problems arising from Tom Scott's review of the anthology in the Scottish Literary Journal, which Crawford edited (23 Sep 1975-1 Apr 1978).
  • /19-20 Letters from Stewart Conn relating to: some poems he has submitted to PN Review; his forthcoming collection Under the ice; and a critical piece on his work by Iain Crichton Smith which will be submitted to Schmidt (23 Dec 1977-9 Feb 1978).
  • /21 Letter from Iain Crichton Smith, sent to accompany the essay on Stewart Conn referred to in /19-20 (essay not included) (12 Feb 1978).
  • /22 Letter from Dorothy Pittman of John Cushman Associates, Inc. relating to: work by Frederick Busch published in PN Review for which she has registered copyright in America; and [Busch's] forthcoming book The mutual friend (28 Dec 1977).
  • /23 Letter from János Csokits who requests further copies of [János] Pilinszky's Selected poems and refers to a review by Henry Gifford in the Times Literary Supplement (22 Feb 1977).
  • /28 Letter from Alban Coventry, who comments on Schmidt's book My brother Gloucester, and encloses a typescript poem of his own entitled 'Elegy and Epitaph (for and to a muse)' (Feb-30 Mar 1977).
  • /44 Letter from Norah Smallwood of Chatto and Windus relating to publication and distribution rights in [Sylvia Townsend Warner's] Opus 7 and The twelve poems (12 Oct 1978).
  • /45 Letter from C. Cantalupo, who enquires after the fate of some poems and a book review submitted to PN Review (15 Jun 1978).
  • /48 Letter from Craig Chambers relating to some poems of his accepted by Schmidt for publication (n.d.).
  • /49 Copy letter from Schmidt to Adrian Clarke thanking him for contributions to PN Review and commenting on them (31 May 1979).
  • /52 Note from Bruton Connors relating to a poetry collection he would like to submit to Carcanet (28 Feb 1978).
  • /53-54 Letter from Ian Caws, with copy reply, relating to the planned submission of his poetry collection Boy with a kite (22-23 May 1979).

Related Material

Joyce Crick also has a separate correspondence file at CPA/2/2/20 and Simon Curtis has a separate file at CPA/2/2/23.