Surrender of Copyhold Land (Conveyance)

Scope and Content

(i) Thomas Nevett, one of the customary tenants of the manor of Whitchurch, co. Salop, and Sarah, his wife and John Pemberton, another customary tenant, brother of the said Sarah, through John Watson the younger and Thomas Teece, two other customary tenants, their attornies.

(ii) Thomas Ball, gent., steward of the said manor.

(iii) The said Thomas Nevett.

At the Court Baron of the Most Noble Scroope Duke of Bridgewater, Lord of the said manor, (i) surrender to (ii) to the use of (iii), 2 parcels of land (named) in Chinnell.

Consideration: 56s.

Rent: 8s.6d.


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