Harlaxton Manor - Published articles and extracts relating to the architectural history and building

Scope and Content

  • arc/1/1 Rejoicings at Harlaxton Manor, Friday 26 February 1837. [Monochrome photograph of original; 2 x typewritten transcriptions]. Note: Recounts the celebration event of completion of central Clock Tower.
  • arc/1/2 Dibdin, T F (1838) A biographical antiquarian and picturesque tour in the Northern counties of England and in Scotland. Vol. 1, p.61-62 (Belvoir). Available online
  • arc/1/3 Marrat, W (1814) Harlaxton, from The history of Lincolnshire . p. 79
  • arc/1/4 Morris, F. O. (1880). A series of picturesque views of seats of the noblemen and gentlemen of Great Britain and Ireland. Vol.II, p. 17. Harlaxton. Available online . [Original page from book; typewritten transcript; postcard from Pamela (donor) to Robert]
  • arc/1/5 Two pages copied from a book of old prints. Source unknown. Description of Harlaxton Old Manor House
  • arc/1/6The Civil Engineer and Architect's Journal (1839). Harlaxton. Description of building and architects.
  • arc/1/7The Grantham Journal, April 17, 1875. Harlaxton Manor. A reprint of an article appearing in The Journal of Horticulture, description of gardens.
  • arc/1/8 Extract from Lees-Milne, James (1994). A mingled measure: diaries 1953-1972. Description of a visit to Harlaxton Manor in 1944. Accompanying letter with transcription.
  • arc/1/9 Extract from Franklin, Jill (1981). The Gentlemen's Country House and its plan 1835-1914. p. 175-177. [Original book in Library]
  • arc/1/10 Knox, Tim (1993). A palace for an 'English country squire': early designs for Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire. Architectural History, Vol. 46, p.94-102 [2 x copies]
  • arc/1/11 Extract from Girouard, Mark (1979). The Victorian Country House. p. 90-102.
  • arc/1/12 Extract from Pevsner, N. (1979). Lincolnshire. p.361-7. [2 copies; book in Library]
  • arc/1/13 Transcript from White's Gazetteer of Lincolnshire, 1842 and 1891 [typewritten]