NHS Contract Meetings and Health Head of Department Meetings

Scope and Content

Contract Meeting: Minutes (December 1996)

West Yorkshire Education and Training Consortium and the University of Huddersfield Quarterly Meetings: Minutes (August 1997 - March 2001)

West Yorkshire Workforce Development Confederation and the University of Huddersfield Quarterly Meetings: Minutes (June 2001 - November '04)

E-mail correspondence concerning financial issues (March - November 2001)

Annual Report 1999 - 2000: West Yorkshire Education and Training Consortium

Policy for Management of Health Care Assistant Secondments to Professional Training (August 2002)

Review of Workforce Information Needs (July 2002)

Commissioning Intentions 2001 - 2002

New Developments in education and training for the healthcare workforce (A-z Guide, Handbook)

E-mail correspondence concerning the Critical Care Scheme and Nurse Training Scheme

Letters concerning Meeting of Heads and Deans (November 1996)

Course and Module Data Entry and Editing System (Informative handbook, May 2000)

Agreement of Heads of Term on Access to Clinical Areas and Placements for Practical Experience - Letters (November 2000 - February 2001), also includes; copy of Agreement of Heads of Terms (Dated November 2000)

Agreement of Heads of Term on Access to Clinical Areas and Placements for Practical Experience - Letters and E-mail (May - June 2001), also includes; copy of the Agreement on Heads of Terms and written notes

Letters and E-mail correspondence concerning Foundation Degrees

Correspondence concerning Post Registration Indicative Demand, UNMET Training Requirements and maps of Queensgate Campus

NHS Executive: Education and Training Planning Guidance (Letter, July 1996)

Graphs on Discontinuation Rates on Pre-registration courses over cohorts

NHS Consortium Quarterly Meeting - Letters establishing numbers of students given at the meeting (November 1998)

Wastage Rates on Current Programmes in Quarter 1 2001/2002 - Report on Student Activity Profiles

Criminal Records Bureau and Disclosures for NHS students (Letter on policy guidance)

Occupational Health Procedures (Second Draft, February 2001)

Work Plan for Non-Medical Education and Training (2001/2), includes letter

CPD Activity Reports and Statistics (2003 - 2007)

E-mail on ASIS discrepancies and queries

Student Evaluation of Practice Protocol, E-mail on Medication Management Flyer and Information Flowchart on CPD Activity

Occasional Lecture Series document

Plan for CPD provision - Meeting Government Agenda's document

List of Criminal Records Bureau Panel, Employer Representatives Register and Academic Representatives Register

Pathway information - leaders and tutors

Health Clearance for Serious Communicable Diseases: New Health Care Workers: Draft Guidance for Consultation (January 2003)

Proposed Practise Placement Questionnaire - Overall Data

MRSA Training - Information on Online Programme, also includes e-mail correspondence with further details

Practice Placement Quality Assurance Project: Project Brief (July 2005)

Human and Health Sciences News Bulletin (Draft with notes, Dec. 2005)

Disclosure News: Newsletter for new developments in CRB (March 2006)

Briefing Pater: Nursing and Midwifery (October 2006)

Regional Simulation Centre Meeting: Letters and minutes of meeting

E-mail correspondence concerning acceptance of foreign recruitments, also includes list of countries involved (August 2003)

E-mail correspondence concerning block contracts and CPD credits

E-mail correspondence concerning AP(E)L Administration

E-mail correspondence concerning WDC website and CPD directory

E-mail correspondence concerning Development bids for the WDC budget

Labour Market Analysis in West Yorkshire (Informative letter, no report attached)

E-mail correspondence concerning health head of department meetings

Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts (Letter, September '04)

Nursing, midwifery and AHP students - Students from Crown Dependencies (Letter, January 2005)

E-mail correspondence concerning NHS block contract access

E-mail correspondence concerning local learning directory

Proposal for the modification of the Academic Structure of the School of Human and Health Sciences (E-mail, April 2005)

E-mail correspondence concerning Foundation in health sciences

E-mail correspondence concerning Headline CPD credit totals

E-mail correspondence concerning continence module

E-mail correspondence concerning CPD definition of non-completion and lists of trusts in Yorkshire and the Humber

HEI Strategic Placement Planning Meeting: Minutes (July 2006)

E-mail correspondence concerning CPD modules

E-mail concerning offering non-interviewed applicants a CPD place

E-mail correspondence concerning the number of student evaluations completed 2005/6 and a list referring to the same matter

E-mail correspondence concerning CETL secondment opportunities

Heads of Department Meetings: Minutes (September 2003 - Sept. 2006)

Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Meeting: Minutes (January 2004)

Placement Quality Working Group: Minutes (March 2004)

WDC/HEI Networking Meeting: Minutes (June 2006)

Nursing and Midwifery Council Meeting: Minutes (August 2004)

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