Continuing Professional Development

Scope and Content

Project 2000 folder; contains letters (May - November 1989), staff lists, curriculum report and guidelines all relating to Project 2000

E-mail Correspondence concerning module activity and numbers for the consortium (Ian Hurst, 1999)

Meeting with Ian Hurst for Continuing Professional Education (September 2000), also includes; post registration question list

Strategic Development of CPD Meeting: Minutes (May 2000)

Strategy Group Meeting: Minutes (September 2000)

Modular Postgraduate Scheme: Availability of transferable modules (Booklet, 2001 - 2002)

NHS Block Contract: Student Numbers 1999/00

Operating Department Practice: Anticipated student numbers 1999/00

ODP: Curriculum outline

NHS Block Contract: Projected Figures for Care of the Elderly 1999)

School of Human and Health Sciences: Module Lists including notes)

School of Human and Health Sciences: Module Directory (Academic Year 2001 - 2002)

Post registration modules and courses (Floppy disc)

Proposed block contract: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Report: Continuing Professional Development for a Modern NHS (February 2001)

Figures for projected number of students and actual numbers (2001)

Figures for students enrolled and those who completed CDP course

CPD Completer numbers sent to ENB (2000 - 2001)

Incomplete Questionnaire for the Department of Health, Social Work and Community Studies

E-mail Correspondence concerning cross-conversion students for MADEP

E-mail Correspondence concerning CPD development session notes

CPD Portfolio group meeting (October 2001) includes; e-mail correspondence, written notes and student numbers

E-mail correspondence concerning part-time and full-time students

Tuition Fee information for academic year 2002 - 2003

E-mail Correspondence concerning PSI supervision costs

List of credits delivered over 2001 - 2002 for the CPE contract

CPD Block Contract: Delivered education in modules (October 2002)

CPD Requirements 2002/2003 (Booklet)

Issuing new certificate in Professional Studies (Guidelines, 2002)

CPD Timetable modules folder, includes; timetables, leaflet for Community Specialist Practitioner and Calendar: Academic year 2002/03 (handbook)

E-mail Correspondence concerning CPD teamwork and new modules

E-mail Correspondence concerning CPD Credits, timetables and CPD activity (2003)

CPD Activity Monitoring

CPD Credit Allocation 2003/4: Activity Report - Draft and Final Copy

CPD Report (January 2004 and July 2004)

CPD Credit Allocation (3 Copies with different notes, April 2004)

Confederation Funded Module: Credits Delivered (April 2003)

New Masters Modules in Confederation Contract: Minutes of meeting

Access Information

Original available for consultation by appointment