Newspaper clippings and Promotional Events

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Newspaper Clippings Folder contains; Nursing ceremony awards, logo award, press clippings for University of Huddersfield (1996), the times degree vacancy guide, WYCHS and the black community, Photographs for exhibition stands at WYCHS and consent forms (March 1994), casualty department to move, Trusts failing the health test (September 1995), Finalists - Success Through People (1995), gap years (August 1995), advert for physiotherapy and midwifery degrees (August 1995), UCAS course vacancies (August 1995), photograph of student nurses receiving a cash boost with Jim Standley, Press cuttings (December 2003 - January 2004), Advert for pick and mix modules, College expansion cut-out - midwifery degree, recruits finish course, long service award and open day news

Newsletter folder: West Yorkshire College of Health Studies Newsletter (November 1992 - March 1995), Connections Newsletter (September 1995), Update newsletter - Wakefield Healthcare (December 1995), Huddle - University of Huddersfield (March 1996), Viewpoint - Education and Training Consortium (August 1996), Post registration education department modules, Module outline booklet (found in newsletter folder), Letter concerning the distribution of the college newsletter, letter concerning an increased order for Connections newsletter, General information about the WYCHS handbook with general criticisms (July 1995), slip for a shade of orange approval

Logo project; includes draft of logo, brief outline of project and letters

Promotional Events and Advertising Procedures

Letters concerning an advert for 'A Career in Physiotherapy' to be in JobBook (March - April 1994)

Letter concerning distribution lists of promotional events (Oct. 1994)

Review 1994 Applications Meeting: Minutes (December 1994)

Letter concerning Queen Elizabeth Grammar School attendee's (Dec. '94)

Letter concerning Professional Development for midwives (May 1995)

Prospectus delivery information and deadlines (letter 1994 with attachments of information)

Midwifery Adverts Folder: Letter concerning degree in midwifery (August 1994), Example of midwifery degree advert, UCAS clearing vacancy letter (June 1995), Notes on clearing advertisements, Fax about course vacancy service, Teletext advertising correspondence (August 1994), Newspaper Advertisements letters and costs, clearing requirements letters (August 1995)

Letterheads and Memo's Folder: Letters concerning letterhead and logo (March 1996), Letterhead and Memo letters (March 1997), Diploma in palliative care leaflet, Advertisements for dentistry, radiotherapy and midwifery

Press Release: West Yorkshire College of Health Studies - Cash Boost for Student Nurses

Letter on Press Release - Cash Boost for Student Nurses

Courses Available for Mental Health leaflet

Quality Education for Quality Practice leaflet

Learning Disability Nursing - Leaflet for 3 year programme

Marketing Folder: Staff Development Meeting: Minutes of Third Meeting (October 1996), News Release on a new college, News Release on the successes of WYCHS, Media Release: Exam passes, Media Release: Open Days, Media Release: Awards for NVQ students, Media Release: Vacancies for midwifery, Media Release: International Students, Letter on Press Release, Letter on the enrolled nurse funding presentation (December '93), notes on press release,, letter concerning enrolment on to conversion courses, letters concerning press release (December 1993)

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