Student Nurse Registers

Scope and Content

Dewsbury School of Nursing Badges: Names and dates of nurses who received badges, disposed badges and how much they sold for (February 1938 - October 92)

Register of Trained Staff (Dewsbury): Index of names and individual information including; position held, certificates held, previous experience, sickness and holidays, length of position held (full information from 1930 - 1960)

Candidates entering training and reasons for leaving without completing training (1943 - 1995)

Preliminary training school register (January 1947 - January 1950) includes; exam results

Assistant Pupils: Preliminary training school (July 1949 - April 1950)

Student Nurses Training School Register; Exam results (January 1948 -May 1993)

Notes on pupils includes; name, length of course, age and remarks

Clayton Hospital: Training School Examination Register (1949 - 1968)

Training Register includes; names, dates of birth, age, training date and exam results

Nurses Register: Individual information, remarks and exam results, some photo's included (1951 - 1961)

Student Register (January 1948 - January 1956) includes; names, examination results and matron's remarks

Student Registers with examination results (Names and information crossed out with 'Scrap Paper' on the front)

General Nursing Council: Student Nurses Records Register includes; Individual information - names, previous occupation, exam results and certificates

Register of Students Attending the School of Remedial Gymnastics and Recreational Therapy, includes; names, service and appointment

Register of Cadets Particulars (May 1956 - March 1964)

Student Registers; examination results and matron's remarks

Official Diary 1956 - Mr. Scowcroft

Pupil Assistant Training Register - Individual information; name, birth, training time, hospital, ward, religion, absences

Nurses Register - Snapethorpe Hospital includes names, experience, duties, certificates, reasons for leaving

Pinderfields General Hospital, Wakefield - Orthopaedic Training; Individual information; name, nature of work, ward reports, matron's report, reasons for absence (December 1951 - January 1957)

Clayton Hospital: Student Nurses' Register (April 1958 - January 1966) - Individual Information; names, birth, religion, education, certificates, time in training school, time occupied, report of training

Student Nurses Register, Wakefield (January 1951 - April 1958 ) - Individual Information; names, birth, religion, education, certificates, time in training school, time occupied, report of training

Pinderfields General Hospital (June 1958); exam results

Pinderfields General Hospital; General Students, Preliminary Training School, Attendance registers for different modules, and the aim of the lesson

School Register; Attendance registers for different modules, and the aim of the lesson (October 1962 - May 1965)

The General Hospital Batley: Assistant Nurse Training School (Book 2); Individual Information; names, birth, hospital, ward, training commenced, absences, remarks

Registers; January 1962 - May 1968 also includes, self-made index

Pinderfields General Hospital; Orthopaedic Students - Attendance registers and topics of module (1961 -1965)

Records of Test Scores - Mr. Scowcroft; Register of students and results

Candidates entering training (S.E.N.) - Register; Enrolment Date, Certificate, Badge (September 1969)

Register of Students Attending the School of Remedial Gymnastic and Recreational Therapy: Register includes names, age, appointment, picture

(January 1969 - July 1984)

The General Hospital Batley; Enrolled Nurse Training School (Book 3); Individual information; name, religion, date of birth, hospital, ward, period, absences, general remarks (October 1965 - July 1969)

Clayton Hospital: Student Nurses' Register (May 1966 - 1968); Individual Information; names, date of birth, religion, education, certificates, period of training, report of training

Nursing Cadets Register and Pre-nursing students (September 1963 - 1966), Individual information; name, birth, religion, entry, education, sickness, technical school report

Royal Infirmary, Huddersfield/Dewsbury District Hospital/Halifax General Hospital/: Student Nurse Register; Kardex System; Individual Information - name, birth, nationality, religion, course completion, previous training and education (1991 - 1992)

Pupil Nurse Training; Attendance in schools (1974 - 1978)

Register of Students; Attending the three year course of training (1984 - ), Individual information - name, date of birth, photo

Notice of Casualty: Wakefield Area Health Authority, Pinderfields Hospital (1977 - 1985)

Register of Resumed pupil nurse training; Register and small remarks

Consultants Lectures' Orthopaedic Training School (September 1970); Attendance register and topic of lectures

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