Annual NHS Report and National Audit Office Files

Scope and Content

Non-medical education and training: A joint national audit office and audit commission study (leaflet)

Survey: National Audit Office

Completed Survey: National Audit Office

Addendum of National Audit Programme

Information about the National Audit Programme

Contracting for pre-registration non-medical education and training (Questionnaire)

Letter concerning the questionnaire

National Audit Office Survey: Professionals Allied to Medicines, Nursing and Midwifery

School of Human and Health Sciences: Structure of - Annual Report for September 2001 - September 2002

School of Human and Health Sciences: Annual Report for September 2001 -September 2002

CPD Block Contract: Education Delivered September '01- September '02

Equal Opportunities/Course Monitoring 2001/2002 - Number of students by ethnicity

Annual Research Report: September 2001 - August 2002 and Additional Items for Annual Report

Letter concerning CPD contracts

Appendices; Committee, employee' funding projects, research active staff, CPD report, staff development

Ethnic minority recruitment

E-mail correspondence concerning moving and handling training

Key findings of review and reminders of annual report

Annual Report 2001 - 2002 file includes; e-mail correspondence, first post destination information, information concerning existing and new programme for nursing studies, notes on the annual report, pre-registration: nursing developments through MADEP project, strategic development, 6 Structure of Annual Report September 2001 - 2002 (Sent to different departments), Collaboration with practice co-ordinators

Employment Evaluation 2001/2: Department of clinical & health sciences

E-mail correspondence concerning mentor application updates

ODP Student Progression (October 2002, Report)

OPD Division information for Confederation Report 2001/2002

Developments to be included in Annual Report

Committee Memberships; e-mail correspondence concerning NHS and University Committee's, Nursing Studies planning team members, E-mail correspondence concerning Education Strategy Group, Questionnaire concerning NHS Committees

E-mail correspondence concerning hardship fund, Annual report for Confederation, first post data, statistics

Briefing Document - Graduate Primary Care Mental Health Workers

Ethnic/Age/Gender Report for Admission cycle 2000/1

Learning Quality Support Unit

E-mail correspondence concerning employer evaluations, nursing evaluations and validations

Access Information

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