Northern Counties League File III Part 2, Letter Numbers 889-998

Scope and Content

Correspondence, circulars, leaflets, notes and analyses of M.D.s `and candidates' view on repeal, relating mainly to petitions and memorials to Parliament, the 1885 Election and the winding up of the League after the unopposed passing of Stansfeld's resolution to abolish the Contagious Diseases Acts.


* Leaflets issued to electors in 1885 General Election (Nos. 928-929)

* 936 On the Moral Condition of the Subjected Districts Since the Suspension of the Compulsory Periodical Examinations under the Contagious Diseases Acts and the Withdrawal of the Acts Police, in May 1883 (Leaflet issued to Parliamentary candidates in League's area, Nov 1885)

* 938 The General Election, 1885 (List of candidates in favour or repeal or pledged to neutrality - not exhaustive; National Association, 12pp)

* 939-46 Duplicated list of MPs returned favourable to repeal: Conservatives in blue, headed: `List of Repealers in New Parliament, 1886' (compiled by Wilson, 1886, 8 sheets)

* Unnumbered material consists mainly of analyses of MPs' voting on repeal, and various drafts, proofs and blanks of circulars and petition forms sent out.