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Leaflets, circulars, copies of correspondence, pamphlets and press cuttings relating to the attempt to revive regulation in the Indian cantonments, including the activities of the (pro-regulation) Army Health Protection Association and opposition to Lady Henry Somerset's six proposals embodying new forms of regulation.


* The Soldier and His Masters (reprinted from The Contemporary Review, Jan 1897, 15pp)

* Proposed Revival of the Contagious Diseases Acts. A Report of the Conference and Public Meeting held 13 Nov 1896, under the auspices of the British Committee of the Federation, etc. (1897, 52pp)

* Major-General RL Dashwood, Health of British Troops in India and other Foreign Stations (Lecture delivered at the Royal United Service Institution 19 Feb 1897, 12pp, 2pp.)

* Military Imposture and Social Mischief (Personal Rights Association, May 1897, 8pp)

* Some Facts with Regard to State Regulation of Vice in India, In England and on the Continent of Europe, compiled for the Friends' Association for Abolishing State Regulation of Vice, With special reference to the Despatch of Lord George Hamilton to the Government of India laid on the Table of the House of Commons, 1 Apr 1897 (1897, 19pp, 2nd edition)

* Dr Elizabeth Blackwell, The Responsibility of Women Physicians in relation to the Contagious Diseases Acts: Address given to a Medical Meeting in London, 27 Apr 1897 (Printed for private circulation, 1897)

* Josephine E Butler, Truth Before Everything (1897, 24pp) James Stuart, MP, Speech delivered at St Martin's Town Hall, London on 21 May 1897, at the Meeting of the British and Continental Federation for the Abolition of State Regulation of Vice (1897, 15pp)

* Right Honourable Sir James Stansfeld, Speech at the 27th Anniversary of the Ladies National Association for the Abolition of the State Regulation of Vice, held at St Martin's Town Hall, London, 9 Jul 1897 (LNA, 1897, 12pp)

* The Health of the British Army in India (Army Health Protection Association, 1897, 20pp)

* Joseph Edmondson, An Enquiry into the Causes of the Great Sanitary Failure of the State Regulation of Social Vice (British, Continental and General Federation, 1897, 19pp) (2 copies)

* Alfred S Dyer, British Soldiers in India: In relation to their Morals and Health (1897, 8pp: 2 copies)

* Letter from Lady Henry Somerset to the Right Honourable Lord George Hamilton (HM Secretary of State for India) (Apr 1897, 8pp)

* Letter from Lady Henry Somerset to a Correspondent (1897, 8pp)

* Interview on the New Health Rules for the Army in India with Archdeacon Wilson (of Manchester), 26 Jul 1897 (reprinted from The Northern Churchman, 16pp)

* Reply to Lady Henry Somerset's Scheme for dealing with Disease in the Indian Cantonments (British Committee of the Federation, etc., Aug 1897, 12pp)

* Major CB Mayne, RE, How Far Legislation has proved Effective in securing the Health of Troops in India, etc. (1897, 49pp; full details, see Regulation Third File - File V) Dr Katherine Bushnell and Mrs Elizabeth Andrew's Reply to certain Statements....by Lady Henry Somerset, etc. (see Regulation Third File - File V for details)

* `Philaletheus' (Blanche Leppington), The Church and the Indian Army Question (undated., (1897), 8pp)

* Twenty-fifth Annual Report, 1896, LNA (1897, 54pp)

* Appeal to the Queen from the American Purity Alliance (1897) The Dawn (No.20, 1 Jul 1893)