Regulation File Letter Numbers 1-389

Scope and Content

Note in file - 'Items 150-170 removed for HJW [HJ Wilson] in 1902'.

Correspondence, circulars, leaflets, pamphlets and notes relating to Lady Henry Somerset's regulation proposals and the split caused in the British Committee over the attitude to adopt towards her retention of office in the British Women's Temperance Union, up to her retraction of her proposals; also 13 letters and papers, 1897-1898, in connection with the appointment and work of Travelling Secretaries of the Federation for the Abolition of State Regulation of Vice, in the provinces.


* HM Conran, Our Indian Army. Letters to the Military Authorities, and Articles from the `Calcutta Indian Witness' On the Condition of the European Troops in India (undated. (1897), 32pp) 20b

* Millicent Garrett Fawcett, Speech (Revised and Enlarged) made at the Croydon Meeting of the General Committee of the National Union of Women Workers, Oct 1897, on the New Rules for Dealing with the Sanitary Condition of the British Army in India (undated. (1898), 24pp) No.24

* Dr Katherine Bushnell and Mrs Elizabeth Andrew, Reply to certain Statements .... by Lady Henry Somerset, etc. (see Lend File - 1897 and Regulation Third File - File V) Letter Addressed to the Ladies' Temperance Associations, examining Lady Henry Somerset's Proposals and a Memorial from some Ladies addressed to the Secretary of State for India (undated., (?1898 - proof copy), 16pp)

* Josephine E. Butler, Address at the Annual Public Meeting of the Ladies National Association for the State Regulation of Vice held in London, 11 Jun 1896 (undated.; pencilled note '10 Feb '98; 7pp) No.229

* Twenty-Second Annual Report, 1897, The American Purity Alliance (1898, 52pp) (loose sheet inserted in front cover, `Lady Henry Somerset Retracts', containing text of her letter to Lord George Hamilton withdrawing her regulation proposals) No.285

* Rev. Anna Garlin Spencer, Women and Regulation. The Relation of Lady Henry Somerset and other English women to State Regulation of Vice in India (Address to Annual Meeting of The American Purity Alliance - see previous entry; undated. (1898), 20pp; copy of Lady Somerset's retraction inserted) No.286

* J. Birkbeck Nevins, The Increase of Venereal Disease in India in 1889, 1890, 1891, 1892, since the condemnation by the House of Commons, in Jun 1888, of the Indian Contagious Diseases Acts (undated. (?1898), 14pp) No.362

* James Stuart, MP and Henry J Wilson, MP, Facts versus Panic: Being a Reply to certain Alarmist Statements and Proposals recently made (Federation for the Abolition of State Regulation of Vice: British Committee, 1898, 15pp) No.365

* The White Ribbon (Mar 1898; p.57 relates to Lady Henry Somerset) No.389