Northern Counties League File Letter Numbers 1-122

Scope and Content

Correspondence, leaflets, circulars, notes and press cuttings relating to the activities of the Northern Counties League (NCL) Committee, and the work of its paid organisers in the localities and its interventions in by-elections.

Includes: miscellaneous set of printed leaflets, handbills, petition forms, etc., covering same period, separate, unnumbered and threaded on to a piece of red tape. Several items duplicate those in the main numbered series.

Numbered items include:

* First and Second Annual Reports of NCL, years ending 31 Aug 1873 and 31 Aug 1874 respectively.

* Annual Meeting of NCL for Repeal of Contagious Diseases Acts, Held at Darlington, 23 Oct 1873 (reprint extended from `The Northern Echo', 24 Oct 1873; undated.).

* Henry J. Wilson, A Radical's Opinion (12 Mar 1874) (Leaflet in form of open letter to JD Lewis, Liberal candidate in Oxford by-election, 1874, and supporter of Contagious Diseases Acts, urging Oxford Radicals to abstain)