Agenda book

Scope and Content

One handwritten agenda book with loose documents: letter from George Jacob Holyoake dated November 1902 concerning the publication of his Anti Boycott Papers with a circular, proof of an address to Abraham Greenwood on his retirement from the Board in November 1902, a circular for the Co-operative Union North Western Section Second Sectional Demonstration and Choir Contest dated June 1904, blank invoice for copies of the Co-operative News dated 27 June 1903, letter dated 4 September 1903 from Wilfrid M Short at 10 Downing Street, London acknowledging the receipt of a resolution with reference to the fiscal controversy, Co-operative Insurance Society committee voting paper dated November 1902, preprinted envelope to The Editor, Daily Express, covering letter from the Co operative Union for form requesting details of business for the year 1903, letter to Stratford Co-operative Society with pencilled response concerning the provision of the Co-operative News to Plaistow Public Library, memorandum from the Chapel of the Co-operative News thanking the committee for their kindness in granting a week’s holiday to regular staff, Letter from Talke Society dated 25 April 1904 concerning nomination for election, telegram dated 7 April 1904 concerning election, proof of article How can the future success of co-operation be promoted by W S Broadley 1904, proof of article A fiscal policy for co-operators by David Lawton dated November 1903, circular from the Co-operative Insurance Society concerning collective life assurance dated 3 May 1904, Co-operative Union North Western Section Report and Statistics of the East Yorkshire District Conference Association for year ending December 1903, four notices of Co-operative Union conferences dated 1904. Notices to convene the General Committee and quarterly meetings are pasted into the volume.