Personnel file- William Bamford

Scope and Content

File containing various papers mainly relating to William Bamford (Co-operative Press Editor):

  • Receipt for black frock coat and vest, Cheviot trousers (Apr 1896)
  • Letter from W Bamford to Mr Graus regarding an advertisment and report appearing in the Co-op News (2 Feb 1914)
  • Pamphlet: The Press and the People, by H W Massingham
  • Pamphlet: The Syndicated Press (1928)
  • Pamphlet: Help Us to Help You (Jul 1940)
  • Newcastle upon Tyne Co-operative Record (1895)
  • The Reasoner (Apr 1871)
  • The Reading Co-operative Record (Jun 1896)
  • Memo from W H Smith & Son to Mr Bamford regarding the payment for the supply of The Grocer (6 Feb 1895)
  • Memo from the co-operative Insurance Company to Mr W Barnett regarding misreporting in the Co-op News (7 Feb 1895)
  • Letter to The Editor of the Co-op News from Aston, Harwood & Somers Solicitors regarding a legal case between Ripley Co-operative Society and [Mr] Hill (14 Apr 1894)
  • Letter to Bamford from the London School of Economics & Political Science regarding mentioning the programme for the school in the next edition of the Co-op News (26 Sep 1896)
  • Letter from Failsworth Industrial Society complaining to the Co-operative Newspaper Society that there was no mention in the Co-op News of their member's annual tea party (8 Dec 1896)
  • Statement of accounts for The Manchester Mat Makers' Society (4 Nov 1894- 2 Feb 1895)