Correspondence and papers of Donald Ineson, Northern Horticultural Society

Scope and Content


Correspondence relating to Northern Horticultural Society business including the development of the Harlow Carr Gardens, an appeal, acknowledgement of financial gifts, the opening of private gardens to a limited number of members (open garden scheme), Northern Horticultural Society luncheon, lists of new members for inclusion in ‘The Northern Gardener’, and the offer of a site for a northern horticultural station by Harrogate Corporation, Jun 1949

Committee rules adopted in 1949

Unsigned manuscript and typescript minutes of a meeting of West Riding Regional Committee of the Northern Horticultural Society, 17 Aug 1949, list of names and addresses, Feb 1949, and minutes of the first annual meeting, 23 Feb 1949

Agenda for a meeting of the Northern Horticultural Society Western Region, 12 Jul 1949

Manuscript obituary of Mr C. Ewart Hindley, undated

Text of introduction to a Northern Horticultural Society lecture by Dr George Taylor, Oct [1952]

These papers had been removed from one or more files and may have been re-sorted or amalgamated, prior to cataloguing in 2014