Scope and Content

These records relate to the Wesleyan, Primitive and United Methodist Circuits covering North Oxfordshire and parts of Warwickshire and Northamptonshire.

The records include registers of baptisms and marriages, minute books, Sunday School admission and attendance registers, account books, title deeds, financial and publicity papers, and documents re sale of chapels.

The catalogue is arranged in thefollowing sections:

NM4/A: Banbury Wesleyan Circuit

NM4/B: Banbury Primitive Circuit

NM4/C: Banbury United Circuit (Post-1932)

NM4/1: Adderbury Chapel

NM4/2: Banbury Wesleyan Chapel

NM4/2A: Banbury Wesleyan Day Schools

NM4/3: Banbury Primitive Chapel

NM4/4: Bloxham Chapel

NM4/5: Lower Boddington Chapel

NM4/6: Great Bourton Chapel

NM4/7: Little Bourton Chapel

NM4/8: Chipping Warden Chapel

NM4/9: Claydon Chapel

NM4/10: Cropredy Chapel

NM4/11: Epwell Chapel

NM4/12: Eydon Chapel

NM4/13: Farthinghoe Chapel

NM4/14: Grimsbury Chapel

NM4/15: Hanwell Chapel

NM4/16: Horley Chapel

NM4/17: Hornton Chapel

NM4/18: Kings Sutton Chapel

NM4/19: Middleton Cheney Chapel

NM4/20: Mollington Chapel

NM4/21: Shenington Chapel

NM4/22: Shotteswell Chapel

NM4/23: Shutford Chapel

NM4/24: Sulgrave Chapel

NM4/25: Tadmarton Chapel

NM4/26: Wardington Chapel

NM4/27: Warmington Chapel

NM4/28: Wroxton Chapel

They were deposited in five stages: in August 1977 (accession 1444), March 1984 (accession 2245), July 1994 (accession 3846), December 1997(accession 4309) and February 1998 (accession 4323). Further records were deposited as Acc 4555 in August 1999, Acc 4561 in August 1999, Acc 4880 in July 2001, Acc 4923 in November 2001, Acc 5122 in April 2003 and Acc 5916 in December 2009.

Catalogued by Mark Priddey, May 1998. Additions by Alison Smith in October 2009 and January 2010.

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