Oral History collection: Wilfred Beynon (born 1902, Rhossili, sheep farmer) interviewed by J. Mansel Thomas about Gower life

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      GB 216 T 3/9
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      c. 1976
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      on cassette; also digital copy in MP3 format

Scope and Content

Track 1. [00:01:37] Gower: Early life in Rhossili. [00:03:10] Farming: Living off the land in Rhossili. [00:06:00] Farming: Farming during First World War. Farming slump of 1921. [00:08:00] Farming: Taking over farm land in Rhossili called Clarke's land. [00:09:10] Farming: 1931 farming slump in Rhossili. West Gower. [00:09:55] Farming: Experimenting with crop growing to make money. [00:12:00] Farming: Buying and selling crops / manure to villages. Profit making. [00:14:00] Farming: Second World War, 1941. Selling crops & cattle to sell for cash. [00:15:00] Farming: Post-war stock was a lower standard. [00:17:10] Farming: Reliance of Swansea of Gower stock during Second World War. [00:19:00] Farming: Sheep market during First World War at Ilston. [00:20:15] Farming: Gowerton Mart. [00:21:30] Farming: Joining the FMC. [00:22:55] Farming: Wholesalers in Swansea. [00:24:00] Farming: Rhossili farmers and relationships with wholesalers in South Wales. [00:25:15] Farming: Milk market scheme. [00:29:10] Farming: Selling stock. Middleton mart c. 1927 lasting 10 years. [00:31:00] Farming: Selling lambs. [00:32:30] Farming: Sheep keeping. Dipping. [00:35:35] Farming: Sheep breeds. [00:37:50] Farming: Pros / cons of farming the bay. [00:42:13] Farming: Grazing sheep on the Worm. Losing 70 sheep to the sea on The Worm 1932. [00:46:25] Farming: Description of how sheep fall of The Worm.

Track 2. [00:04:10] Community: Social life in Gower early 20th century. [00:05:55] Community: Pitton, Middleton, Rhossili. . [00:10:35] Local characters: Tuckers, Sam Bevan. Reminiscing. [00:13:00] Estates: The break up of the Penrice Estate. [00:18:00] Estates: Estate politics in Gower. Landlords. Paying rent on land on Penrice Estate. [00:26:00] Farming: Farming today in Gower. Reminiscing. [00:27:30] Family: Growing up in Gower between the Wars. Being poor. [00:33:55] Gower: Gower language. [00:35:20] Tourism: Tourism in Gower. 1920s Making an income from tourism. [00:37:10] Tourism: Holiday homes in Gower. Tourists. [00:39:45] Gower: Evacuees in Gower during Second World War. [00:00:40] Farming: Keeping sheep in Rhossili. [00:41:00] Farming: General farming chat.