Scope and Content

Following receipt of a Home Office circular letter the County Council appointed an Organising Committee for Air-Raid Precautions to consult with district authorities in the preparation of civil defence schemes. The Council's role at this stage was a co-ordinating one with no executive powers. The Organising Committee appointed a Technical Sub-Committee of chief officers and representatives of external bodies to produce detailed plans. The plans included the division of the county into eight civil defence areas (later six: Banbury; Chipping Norton; Ploughley; Witney; Bullingdon; Henley) with local ARP committees and organisers. In February 1937 an Organising Officer was appointed. The Air-Raid Precautions Committee was set up in February 1938 under the Air-Raid Precautions Act, 1937 (1 & 2 Geo. VI c. 6) which required county and county borough councils to prepare air-raid precaution schemes in collaboration with local authorities and to submit them to the Secretary of State. The Committee included representatives from the six local ARP committees.