Scope and Content

Appointed under the Civil Defence Act 1948 (12, 13 & 14 Geo. VI c. 5) which required local authorities to re-constitute their wartime civil defence organisations. An initial task was to appoint and train personnel for county and county borough divisions of the Civil Defence Corps. Responsibilities included: collection and distribution of intelligence; control and co-ordination at places of attack; rescue; protection against toxic effects of attack; instructions and advice to the public. The Oxfordshire Division was based on the six wartime territorial divisions of the County and organised into six Sections: Headquarters; Wardens; Ambulance; Rescue; Pioneer; Welfare. Plans required co-ordination between all tiers of local government and services such as the Police, Fire Brigade, Health and Welfare. Practical experience was provided with training and exercises using realistic victims provided by the Casualties Union. The Committee was dissolved as a result of a Government decision to disband the Civil Defence Corps.