Letter from Archibald Campbell to Brian Houghton Hodgson, 28 January 1873

Scope and Content

Letter from Archibald Campbell to Brian Houghton Hodgson. Campbell writes that he is pleased that Hodgson has had 'young Brian' to stay as he is a nice boy, as is Campbell's godson. He hopes both will turn out as chips off the old block. He advises Hodgson, that when he goes to Kew to look at the 'Hindoo vase' given to Hooker as he would appreciate Hodgson's opinion on it in connection with serpent worship. Hooker had exhibited it at the Anthropological Society at a reading on the subject by Mr Wake. Campbell thinks it is time for people who know about the Indian [treaties] from [Peshauwe to Debevoghue], Assam to speak out about trade. Campbell had given a resume of Hodgson's Paper on 'Trade to Nipal from India" two years previously to the Society of Acts. He is considering reproducing it, alongside something on the Darjeeling route of Trade to Thibet. He states that the Japan Paper to be published in English is a remarkable venture and comments upon the Editor's difficulties. Handwritten, 2 pieces, 5 sides with accompanying envelope annotated by Hodgson, dated 28 January 1873. Also calling card for Phillips, Goldsmith &C., Coral Merchant with handwritten sums on reverse.