Letter from Archibald Campbell to Brian Houghton Hodgson, 27 May 1873

Scope and Content

Letter from Archibald Campbell to Brian Houghton Hodgson in which he writes that he is glad Hodgson is back from Brighton. Campbell has no insight into India Office operations - Sir L Mallet took no notice of the calling card Campbell had left. Campbell had written to the Duke of Argyll after the Deputation who had just replied to say that the letter had been sent on to Gridlestone and he had been sent Gridlestone's remarks. These he will send on to Hodgson when they come back from [Toe]. He asks whether Toe has refused his knighthood, if he has Campbell feels he has done wrong to science. Campbell and his wife had been to a garden party at the Duke of Argyll's and were introduced to Lord Lawrence by his brother, Sir George. The Duke was cordial and had introduced them to Princess Louise who is bright and happy looking with a simple manner and strong German accent. One of Campbell's sisters is ill in Scotland so he is unsure whether he may have to travel there. Handwritten, 2 pieces, 8 sides, dated 27 May 1873.