CT 1000/ CT 1010 Scanner, Department of Neuroradiology, Manchester Royal Infirmary

Scope and Content

This section comprises material relating to acquisition, installation and evaluation of the first CT head scanner in the Department of Neuroradiology at Manchester Royal Infirmary, the CT1000 and the later upgraded version, the CT1010.

Administrative / Biographical History

The EMI CT1000 was the first commercial brain scanner in the world. It was placed in the Department of Neuroradiology at Manchester Royal Infirmary by the DHSS for evaluation in 1973. The scanner's acquisition was a joint initiative between the Department of Neuroradiology at Manchester Royal Infirmary and United Manchester Hospitals and the DHSS. At a cost of between £100,000 and £120,000 the CT1000 was housed in a new building at the Infirmary as an extension to the Department of Neuroradiology. The necessary staff for the new scanner, a research lecturer, a senior radiographer and a basic grade medical physicist, were financed by the Research Grants Committee (RGC), for two years in the first instance. Under the supervision of Ian Isherwood, the scanner was fully employed in a scientifically-controlled manner for patients during the day and for research purposes at night. The CT 1000 was updated in 1977 to the CT1010, a more advanced version of the old model with an improved scanning time and greater image storage facilities.


Material in this section is divided into the following sub-sections: 

  • ISH/2/1/1 Acquisition and Installation of the CT1000 Scanner
  • ISH/2/1/2 Funding from the Research Grants Committee
  • ISH/2/1/3 Funding from the Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS)
  • ISH/2/1/4 Funding from the Manchester Area Health Authority
  • ISH/2/1/5 Funding from EMI Ltd
  • ISH/2/1/6 Publicity and Articles
  • ISH/2/1/7 EMI Correspondence
  • ISH/2/1/8 EMI Trade Literature
  • ISH/2/1/9 Agreements with EMI
  • ISH/2/1/10 Scanner Trialists' Meetings and Users' Groups
  • ISH/2/1/11 Assessment and Clinical Data
  • ISH/2/1/12 Operation of the Scanner
  • ISH/2/1/13 Exhibitions
  • ISH/2/1/14 Updating of Scanner from CT1000 to CT1010
  • ISH/2/1/15 Images
  • ISH/2/1/16 General Correspondence