Correspondence about Sweet v Parsley

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Stephanie Sweet, a friend of Lucia Graves's, was charged and convicted of "managing premises on which cannabis has been smoked" in 1967 despite having no knowledge of what was taking place on the premises. Graves became involved in the legal and press campaign to clear her name and change the law. The series contains: ms correspondence from Sweet to Graves (1967 to 1969); ts letter from G.C. Kitts of the Department of Education and Science concerning Sweet's suitability as a teacher (27 September 1967); ts and ms letters from the solicitor Geoffrey de N. Clark of Benedict Birnberg & Co. to Graves (1968-1969), also ms notes in the hand of Clark using the verso of stationery from Ca'n Quet hotel; two telegrams from Harold Evans (April 1968); ts letter from David Gerrard, producer of the BBC 'Cause for Concern' programme (26 April 1968); ms postcard from Brian Bliss (27 May 1968); ts letter from Lord St. Oswald (14 April 1968); ms letter from David Dolan (14 April [1968]); ts letter from Daphne Armer (15 April 1968); ts letter from C.L. Scholes (15 April 1968); ts letter from Norman Beach (16 April 1968); ms letter from Peter Baynes (17 April 1968); ts letter from Michael Horniman at A.P. Watt (19 April 1968). The series also contains Graves ts and ms draft article 'An Absolute Criminal' published in the 'Sunday Times' (April 1968) [6 leaves], with an attached ts draft of the poem 'Parsley v Sweet'.


Not arranged.


Canelluñ Collection number: CC0053

This refers to the arrangement of the papers in Robert Graves’ study before they were transferred to the College.

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