Correspondence with readers of 'The White Goddess'

Scope and Content

This file consists of correspondence from readers of 'The White Goddess'; many write about mythology, archaeology, magic, witchcraft and anthropology; some write mainly about other works by Graves. The correspondents have been listed by William Graves as follows: P.B.S.Andrews [not present in series], Louis Adrane, Geoffrey Ashe, John Andromedas, W.A.D.Barwise [Maureen Barwise], Michael Baillie-Grohman, Stephen Browning, Stephen Banks, Tala Bar, Graham Brocham [Brock?], C.A.Bennet, John E. Blamey [enclosing ts text 'Some Birkrigg Barrows' by Charles Geldard, James Randall and John Dobson, from 'Proceedings of the Cumberland and Westmorland Archaeological Society' vol. XIV. With ms diagram on second leaf] , Diane Bolton, R.L.Bowers, Agnes Brandabur, M.M. Branwise, Ernle Bradford, F.Boothby, Louise Fielding Brown, John M. Campbell, W. Corvius, Tertius Chandler, N.Chrisholm, Brian Cleve, Christopher Cairmcross, J.F.Coeterier, W.D.G.Cox, Sally Chilver [with enclosed notes], Patricia Cunningham (with ms [copy, draft or unsent?] letter from Graves, dated 22 August 1955, referring inter alia to Lawrence Durrell's novel 'Justine'), John Dan, Michali Diosi, John Goinge Doxey, Bryan Dragon, C.P.Dubois, C.R.Diaz, Lawrence Durrell, Kenneth T.Dutfield, Duercibi[?], Susanne Ferguson, Simon Fernie, Kathleen F.M.Foot, Reid Gardner, Lady Frances Gilbert, John Gould, Felicitas Goodman, Francis Goulding, Philip Graves, Davis Grubb, Bryan Guinness (Baron Moyne), Axel Harvey (and "In Dedication" poem by Graves translated by Harvey), Sidney Halpern, Christopher Hawkes (together with ms letter from Graves to Sally Chilver, dated 19 December 1945, with ms annotations in Hawkes's hand), Kate Haggerty, J.B.S.Haldane, Sean Haldane, Eloise Street Hannies, M.Hammerton, Martin Harvey, Arthur T.Hatto (enclosing his article 'Stonehenge and Midsummer: A New Interpretation'), R.Hill, Lancelot Hogben, Ada Hondius, Eric Hughes, Stuart Hunt, Edward Hyams, Captain John Hay of Hayfield, Dr Alec J. Haddow, Shirley Hamilton, Bruce Johnston (with transcribed chapter XVI entitled 'Similarities in Language' from unidentified book), Peter Jobling, David H. Kelley, Christopher Kininmonth, Janet Langmaid, Norah Leggatt, H.A.Lindsay, Alun Llewellyn, D.J.N.Lee, Revd. Hugh Mackay, John Manifold, Audrey McGaffin (and poem), Anthony Melachrino, Theodore Melnechuk, Naomi Mitcheson, Karen Elaine Murray, Margaret Murray, Alcyone O'Hanrahan, Paddy Manning O'Brine, V.F.Packham, Robert Pinkerton, Guy Powell, Frank M. Richards, Elizabeth Lee Rooker, Eric Radcliffe, David R. Reid (encloses article on 'Our Lady in the Park, Liskeard'), Ethel I. Rhynas, Hans Rosenberg, G.T.Roberts [letter addressed to 'Mr James'], Henry Stuart, George Sandwith, Elizabeth Syrett, Magaret Schauch, J Scott Bell, Mikel Searfoss ( with Chapter 1 of 'The Sacred Pipe' by Joseph Epes Brown), Imants Steprans, Robert D.Scott, Israel Shahala [final leaf only], Robert K.G.Temple, Arthur L. Taylor, Terence Tiller, S.Toms, Mark Triton, Chris Tsakos, Thomas R. Tyrrell, Ruth Eshow Upton, Lars G.Vessby, Irving J. Weiss, Oliver Wingate Gray, James Wade, Frank H. Ware, Penelope Watson, Julie Gerner Wilhelmsen, Charles Williams [of the Oxford University Press, letter dated 18 July 1944, rejecting 'The White Goddess'], Robert C. Williams, P.Baumont Wadsworth [not present]. The series also contains unidentified fragments of correspondence and various items presumably once enclosed by items of correspondence.


Canelluñ Collection number: CC0538

This refers to the arrangement of the papers in Robert Graves’ study before they were transferred to the College.

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