Inserts removed from printed books

Scope and Content

File of inserts removed from copies of published works by Mary Cockett found in the series MC/06 Printed books. Inserts include newspaper clippings, manuscript notes, fragments of drafts, correspondence, copies of reviews and photographs, and in the main relate to the title from which they were removed. All inserts are labelled with details of the book from which they were removed and inserts removed from the same book have been kept together in groups, with groups ordered according to the publication date of the book they were removed from.

Inserts were removed from the following titles:

'Bridges' [Oliver & Boyd, 1965]

'The Birthday Ride' [Oliver & Boyd, 1965]

'Sunflower Giant' [Hamish Hamilton Gazelle, 1966]

'Twelve Gold Chairs' [Oliver & Boyd, 1967]

'Frankie's Country Day' [Macmillan Nippers, 1968]

'Farthing Bundles' [Chatto, Boyd & Oliver, 1970]

'Seven Days With Jan' [Brockhampton Press, 3rd impression, 1972]

'Boat Girl' [Chatto, Boyd & Oliver, 1972]

'Rolling On' [Methuen Pied Piper, 1972]

'An Armful of Sparrows' [Macmillan Nippers, 1973]

'Dolls and Puppets' [David & Charles, 1974]

'Walls' [Blackwells, 1974]

'Snake in the Camp' [Brockhampton Press Knight Books, 1975]

'The Balloon That Brought Luck' [Kaye & Ward, 1978]

'The Birthday' [Hodder & Stoughton, 1979]

'The Christmas Tree' [Collins, 1979]

'Witch of Candlewick' [Kaye & Ward, 1981]

'The School Donkey' [Hamish Hamilton Gazelle, 1982]

'Rescue at the Zoo' [Hamish Hamilton Gazelle, 1986]

'Kate of Candlewick' [Hodder & Stoughton, 1987]

'Bridesmaids' [Hodder & Stoughton Hedgehogs, 1988]

'Bickering Bridesmaids' [Hodder & Stoughton Young Knight, 1991]