"Trade Union Review"

Scope and Content

Describing itself as 'the non-sectarian, non-aligned, rank and file Trade Union journal', "Trade Union Review" became 'the personal publication' of Jimmy Barnes, born in Carlisle of 'working-class' parents, who were Communist Party members. 'The publication attracted intense hostility, regular retractions and the occasional lawyer’s letter and libel case. Virtually the "Private Eye" of the trade union movement [...] Trade Union Review specialised in scandalous disclosure, gossip and rumour [...]. It was almost single-handedly written by Jimmy [Barnes] under a wide range of pseudonyms' (source: http://www.grahamstevenson.me.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=818:barnes-jimmy&catid=2:b&Itemid=98 - accessed 17 May 2016).