Letter from Edwin Norris to Rev. Edward Hincks, 20 April 1857

Scope and Content

Letter from Edwin Norris, Secretary, to Rev. Edward Hincks concerning Mr Fox Talbot's, an 'Assyrian enquirer', translation of the Tiglath Pileser cylindrical inscription, which it is requested should be sealed until Sir Henry Rawlinson has produced his translation in order that the two translations should be made independently of each other. Dr Oppert (French-German Assyriologist) has also suggested that he might attempt a similar translation. It has further been suggested by Sir Henry that Hincks might also like to prepare a translation and, if so, a lithograph of the original will be provided. Hinck's translation would also be 'under seal'. The four translations would be opened in public at the May meeting. Hincks is also asked about his investigations into the Armenian monuments which Norris had been disappointed not to receive. (Found on page 242)