English Theological Manuscript

Scope and Content

The manuscript is written in several different hands as well as having several leaves missing at the beginning. The contents include:

  • (folios 1-30) copies of various prayers in English and Latin, e.g. on folio 14 is Hymnus officium beatae Mariae ad vesperas with a marginal note, This to Mr. Creatcheleye at Beauerley and on folio 15 is a marginal note, This prayer taken out of the Englishe and Latyne Prymer or Office of our Ladye, printed at Antwerp by Arnold Connings anno 1599;
  • (folios 31-40v, 53-55v) a treatise, in Latin, with preface Inter omnia pietatis verae exercitia... and meditations for the days of the week;
  • (folios 41-51) a treatise, in English, beginning I John 4, 1.2.3. the bishopps and preecheres... with T.C. in margin;
  • (folio 56) Aetates et loca quorundam veterum doctorum;
  • (folios 57-76v) a treatise, in English, ending farewell in him whom we are to followe the 30 of July, anno 1580 and refers to The surveye of poperie (? by Thomas Bell);
  • (folio 77v) Out of the playne mans patheway (? by Arthur Dent);
  • (folios 82v-88v, 102-106) a treatise, in English, and on folio 83v is the marginal note, The author's opinion concerning the necessitie and excellencie of devout and holye preacchinge ys to bee readd in a Sermon preacched att Paules Crosse 1598, Maii 21, and printed att London page 43;
  • (folios 89-91v) part of a treatise, in English, with marginal note de sermone domini in monte, li: i, impress. Basill. 1548;
  • (folios 92-95) prayers, in English and Latin;
  • (folios 95-98v, 152-155v, 149, 157-166) a treatise in English, beginning Amongst all exercises spirittualle...;
  • (folios 99-101) a letter, beginning Sir the Paper sent in your kynde letter unto mee by my brother Jorden I had returned with aunswere...;
  • (folios 106v-111) a treatise, in English, beginning The scriptures which teach justification by workes...;
  • (folios 112v-115v) A conference att the fleete Anno dni 1584, Novembr, Cartewright his obiection;
  • (folios 115v-116) The exposition of Anomia... with Rhem. Testam. I Joh. 3.4 in margin;
  • (folios 116-125, 127-130, 131-137, 140v, 148, 156) Papisticall positions etc.;
  • (folios 125b-127) Reasons for peace. Considerations touching the peace now in speech;
  • (folios 137v-140v) The examination of prayer made to our Ladye. The morall actions of men...;
  • (folios 141-147v, 156v, 150-151v) Catholicone preface, by Andrewe Wyllet, 1602 (abbreviated);
  • (folios 171v-173) The proffessione of the orthodoxe ffaith delyvered out accordinge to the decree of the Counsell of Trente.

As is evident above different parts of a work are contained in different parts of the volume, due occasionally to faulty binding but more frequently to the practices of the scribes. Some of the works are obviously much abbreviated.

Access Information

The manuscript is available for consultation by any accredited reader.

Acquisition Information

Purchased by the John Rylands Library at auction at Hodgson's on 10 December 1930 (English MSS 663-664 were also purchased at this sale).


Description compiled by Henry Sullivan and Jo Humpleby, project archivists.

Other Finding Aids

Catalogued in the Hand-List of the Collection of English Manuscripts in the John Rylands Library, 1928-35 (English MS 702).