Trading forecasts to do with SH/BCL merger

Scope and Content


  • SH/BCL merger group consolidation year to 30.11.81 consolidated profit and loss accounts, consolidated statement of turnover, forecast opening balance sheet, forecast net asset movement, forecast group finance charges, forecast capital expenditure;
  • SH/BCL Merger appendices subsidiary companies' trading accounts year to 30.11.81;
  • Stoddard Holdings Ltd & subsidiary companies preliminary trading forecasts and balance sheet movements budget year to 31 March 1982;
  • Budget 1981/82;
  • Stoddard Holding Ltd and subsidiary companies merger of Stoddard Group with Scottish interests of British Carpets Ltd summary of group forecasts for the year to 30 November 1982;
  • SH Ltd trading forecasts May 1980;
  • SH Ltd & subsidiary companies profit, cash flow and balance sheet forecast for the year ended 31 May 1979, 1980.