Other correspondence

Scope and Content

The majority of the correspondence in this bundle is of Neil Summerton and other members of CBRF/Partnership concerning the administration of CBRF and Partnership, their meetings, activists and events they were organising or associated with. There is also a bundle of correspondence and related material concerning the Cardiff Bible School and meeting of Cardiff elders. Towards the end of the series there are three letters of correspondence with Joel Edwards, who was general director of the Evangelical Alliance (EA) and chairman of the evangelical leaders forum steering group. As well as letters, the series also contains associated material, including reports, programmes, a foreword for a booklet, lists, surveys, activists' supplements to the Partnership newsletter, a leaflet, discussion papers and handwritten notes.

The other major event covered in the correspondence is the Discipling a Whole Nation Conference, usually referred to as the DAWN congress, held from 18 to 21 February 1992 at the Birmingham Christian Centre. The DAWN Congress was set up by Challenge 2000 to discuss how the numbers involved in their movement could be doubled within a decade. The main objective of Challenge 2000 was that by the year 2000 every person in England should repeatedly hear the gospel and that there should be a Christ-centred congregation for every 1000 people or smaller community. Within the congress different denominations were invited to meet together separately to discuss issues particular to them; Neil Summerton was invited to organise the Brethren stream. As well as letters concerning the DAWN congress the bundle includes other related material, such as a programme, a questionnaire, a booking form, map and information about Challenge 2000.

Correspondence associated with particular events can be found in the series of that event.