Bundle:Correspondence of Alan and Sandra Campbell with Neil Summerton and related items.

Scope and Content

This bundle comprises of:

  • /1 Map showing the location of Maranatha Christian Centre in Biggar.
  • /2 Letter from Alan Campbell to Neil [Summerton] asking him to give a brief update on the Warwick 1993 consultation during the consultation at Biggar and if possible bring a CBRF bookstall, not dated. [c.1991-1992]
  • /3-5 Letter from Alan and Sandra Campbell, on behalf of the consultation committee, to Neil and Pauline [Summerton] concerning the latest arrangements for the consultation n.d. asking for fees to be paid and form completed [attached], dated 18 May 1992. A programme for the consultation is also attached.
  • /6-7 Letter from Alan and Sandra Campbell to Neil [Summerton] concerning the consultation and enclosing a draft programme [attached], dated 23 January 1992.
  • /8 Leaflet for an Interface conference entitled "Managing Change" held on 7 September 1991 at Hamilton College.
  • /9 Letter dated December 1991 from Alan and Sandra Campbell to Neil [Summerton] concerning the findings of the Nantwich consultation and inviting him to the planned interface consultation in 1992.