Bundle: Letters and material related to Cardiff Bible School

Scope and Content

This bundle comprises of papers related to the Cardiff Bible School and meeting of Cardiff elders. It includes:

  • /1 Copy letter from [Harold Rowdon] to Len [Davies] confirming that he and Neil [Summerton] have agreed to offer their support, dated 10 February 1994.
  • /2 Copy letter from Harold Rowdon to John Elliott describing the work of Partnership and his wish to make an expression of their solidarity with a group he is involved with called the meeting of Cardiff elders. Dr Rowdon also informs Mr Elliott that he is willing to offer any help to the group that is possible. The letter is dated 10 February 1994.
  • /3 Copy letter from Neil Summerton to L. O. Davies welcoming him as a member of Partnership and encouraging him in the activities he has been carrying out in Cardiff, dated 15 January 1994.
  • /4 Letter from Len Davies to Harold Rowdon concerning Partnership, the possibility of a local activist working with Partnership in the local area, a Preachers' training course and church growth course he has helped to organise. Len Davies also suggests that Partnership contact John Elliott who is the secretary of the meeting of Cardiff elders. The letter is dated 21 January 1994.
  • /5-6 Discussion paper planning a course entitled "Reaching out and building up" compiled by Ken Lewis, Gordon Probert and Len Davies, dated 27 June 1993, and a description of the course written by the same people and addressed to the Cardiff elders, dated 21 November 1993.
  • /7-9 Leaflet for a preachers' training course held in Autumn 1992 at Cardiff Bible School with a sheet describing how to get to the venue and a summary of students' answers to a questionnaire concerning the course.