Scope and Content

Notebook with handwritten label pasted onto cover: Mr. Albrecht of Exeter’s notebook on baptism, with notes from JND & JBS.

The volume contains: 

  • Copy of a letter on baptism, J.N.D.
  • Letters on baptism, J.B. S[toney]
  • (J.N.D.), Extract from vol. I, page 443 of Present testimony, part iv
  • J.N.D.’s reply to Mrs. Favery (translated from the French)
  • Letter from J.B. S[toney]
  • On baptism, J.B. S[toney]
  • Extract on baptism, J.B. S[toney]
  • Letter on baptism by J.N.D.
  • Baptism “& the ways of God”, J.E. B[atten]