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      GB 133 JND/2/31
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      1 volume Poor, spine worn and torn.

Scope and Content

Hardback notebook with handwritten label pasted onto cover: Notes on lectures by various brethren incl. J.N. Darby, writer unknown. The volume bears the inscription E.C.E.W., 18/9/65, London.

The book contains notes on: 

  • Scraps of J.N.D.'s lecture at Williamson Street, September 14, 1865, I Thessalonians iv
  • Scraps of J.N.D.'s lecture at Wm. Street, September 21st 1865, I Thessalonians 5
  • Scraps of J.N.D.'s lecture at Malvern, October 27th 1865, Ephesians iv.20 to end and v.1-22
  • Malvern, Lord’s day morning, August 12th 1866, John xx (Dr. Wolston)
  • (J.N.D.), II Timothy, 1st chapter
  • (C.H.M)[ackintosh], God in everything
  • (G.V.W)[igram], copy of letter, 14 September 1867, [followed by a second letter of the same date]
  • (G.V. Wigram,) copy of letter, Montreal, 16 September 1867
  • Character of J.N.D. by an enemy [these lines deleted]
  • Portrait of the Irish clergyman by the author of Phases of Faith [F.W. Newman]
  • Copy of a memorandum made by J.N.D. on an article in Appleton's American Encyclopaedia on the Plymouth Brethren, 1867
  • J.N.D., Joshua, Taunton, September 23, 1868
  • (J.N.D.), On baptism [a letter]
  • [Letter,] Toronto, 7 August. 1867
  • J.N.D., Fragment of a word spoken at Miss Willans’ marriage, North Row, August 18, 1868
  • J.B. Stoney, Acts viii.36, N[orth] R[ow], June 1868
  • (J.N.D.), Letter to Mr. Richards, Derby, received October 10, 1866
  • Copy of a letter from J.N.D., 6 January 1868
  • Letter [to] (Mrs. S…) from J.N.D., recd. September 22, 1867, in answer to the following questions
  • A few words spoken at the burial (October 2nd 1868) of Mrs. Christopher Wolston, who fell asleep in Jesus, September 28, 1868
  • Notes of Mr. Wigram’s lecture at Stratford on Avon, September 15, 1868, John xiii.36-38, xiv.1-11
  • G.V. W[igram], North Row, Sunday evening, November 1st, 1868, Heb. x.4-14 & Levit. xvi
  • G.V. W[igram], North Row, Friday evening, 13th November 1868, Zech. xiii, II Cor. iii.12 to end & Matthew xi.25 to end
  • G.V. W[igram], North Row, Sunday morning, October 25, 1868, Romans vi
  • J.N.D., Taunton, September 22, 1868, Tuesday morning, Epistle of Jude
  • G.V. W[igram], Sunday night, North Row, May 13th, 1868, I Thess. I
  • (J.N.D.), One thing more [verse], 1868
  • J.N.D., Canticles ii.3, Priory, May 4th, 18―?
  • J.B.S. (?), Gen. l.15-21 in connection with Luke xviii
  • G.V. W[igram], April 24, 1864 (?), Sunday evening, II Corinthians v (fragment)
  • G.V. W[igram], N[orth] Row, March 13, 1864, Sunday evening, John xii
  • Scrap of Mr. Darby’s lecture at William Street, Thursday October 8, 1868, Philippians iii
  • Scrap of Mr. Darby’s lecture at William Street, Thursday October 15, 1868, Philippians iv
  • Mr. Darby’s last lecture at Wm. St. before going to the W.I., November 12, 1868, Ephesians vi.10
  • G.V. W[igram], Taunton meeting, Tuesday, September 23, 1868, Rom. v; J.N.D., Wednesday evening lecture on Joshua v.9 to end, Taunton, 23 September 1868