Scope and Content

Notebook with handwritten label pasted onto cover: Notes in unknown hand of Bible readings, Nov 2nd-8th 1843 and meetings at Freemasons Hall, April 7-9, 1846, re. Plymouth division

Those present at the first of the meetings mentioned on the cover include: J.N. Darby, J.L. Harris, Alexander Campbell, J.G. Bellett, A.J. Cronin, J.G. Deck, G.V. Wigram, W.H.G. Wellesley, J.M. Code, P.A. Humphreys; and at the latter: Major O’Brian, McAdam, Robert Howard, H.A. Hammond, A.J. Cronin, John Howard, C. Blyth, R. Chapman, Mallard, J.G. Bellett, R. Gribble, W.G. Rhind, W.H.G. Wellesley, Thomas Mansell, L.C.L. Brenton, Tunley, J.L. Harris, A.J. Cronin, Ball, W. Hake, Lord Congleton, A. Campbell, Garrett, Elvin [Elwin?], R.M. Beverley, C.F. Hargrove, J.G. Deck, J.N. Darby, W.H. Dorman, Steward.

These matters are followed by notes on: 

  • Remembrance of J.N.D. on Joshua 1 (copied, from T.I.’s notes, November 1859)
  • The rapture of the church (J.N.D. pamphlet, 1859)
  • Psalms
  • Revelation, a book of judgment