Correspondence: John Hughes, Carnarvon (Clerk of the Peace) and William Coupland Shrewsbury

Scope and Content

CORRESPONDENCE: between John Hughes, Carnarvon (Clerk of the Peace) and William Coupland Shrewsbury. Hughes requests the loan of £200 which he assures Coupland will be repaid in a matter of months. He informs Coupland in confidence that he is about to be married to a young lady from South Wales who possesses a handsome fortune. His request for a loan is granted by Coupland and a bond drawn up. Coupland has difficulty in getting his money back due some delay respecting the sale of property belonging to Hughes who is also unable to get money owed him by Thomas Lloyd. Hughes's health is suffering by the whole business and he declares his anxiety to get everything settled. He feels that he has suffered ill treatment and injustice. Lloyd on the other hand claimed that he doesn't owe Hughes money and threatens to return Hughes's letters unopened as they have been altogether so abusive. Lloyd repeats that he is ready to give any information in his power respecting Hugthes's affairs to any respectable person that Hughes wishes to name.

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