Papers relating to 'Distortion and obsession in art'

Scope and Content

A series of material relating to a planned book by Strachan on 'Distortion and obsession in art'. This was to be published in the UK by Chadwyck-Healey (the agreement dated 1975 is included among these papers), but ultimately it never appeared in print because of the failure to find an American publisher willing to share the venture. However, Strachan undertook extensive research for the volume, and produced a full draft of the text, which is included here as WJS/18/7/11. He also obtained hundreds of images of artwork (in the form of photographic prints, postcards and exhibition literature) for inclusion in the volume, all of which are included here. He generated a significant amount of correspondence - largely concerning copyright permissions - during the course of his work on the project, which is also included here; there are letters from a number of well-known artists, sculptors and others, including Kenneth Armitage, Ida Barbarigo, André Beaudin, David Hockney, Pierre Lecuire, Victor Pasmore, Roland Penrose, Mario Prassinos, C.P. Snow and Paul Wunderlich.