Publications relating to Christopher Hewett

Scope and Content

Posthumous publications relating to Christopher Hewett, as follows:

  • /1 Christopher Hewett, 1938-1983 (London: Taranman, 1984). A memorial booklet issued at the time of the last exhibition at the Taranman Gallery in October-November 1984. Includes an essay ('The Formative Years') by Strachan, as well as extracts from Hewett's letters, photographs of Hewett, and contributions by David Gould, Marina Vaizey, Colin Clarke, Peter Whyte, Kathleen Raine, Margaret Casson, Germaine Castaing-Jones, John McEwen, Prunella Clough, Kenneth Armitage, François Chapon, Geneviève Asse, Pierre Lecuire, Ronald Lightbown, Charles Marq, Brigitte Simon, Elizabeth Phillips, Jennifer Martyn, Cecily Mackworth, Ellic Howe, Nicolas Barker and Christopher Skelton. One of 500 copies.
  • /2 The Christopher Hewett Collection: catalogue of an exhibition of material given to the Ashmolean Museum by Hewett's family, 20 January-1 March 1987 (Oxford: Ashmolean Museum, 1987). Includes loose errata slip inside front cover.
  • /3 Christopher Hewett et le domaine Français (Paris: Pierre Lecuire, 1988): a volume of letters from Hewett to French artists, compiled and published by Pierre Lecuire. No. 101 of 200 copies.