Papers relating to Strachan's work on sculpture

Scope and Content

Material relating to Strachan's long-standing interest in sculpture. It includes papers relating to his two major works on sculpture: Towards sculpture: maquettes and sketches from Rodin to Oldenburg (London: Thames and Hudson, 1976); and Open air sculpture in Britain (London: A. Zwemmer and Tate Gallery Publications, 1984). There are also papers relating to a planned revised edition of the latter work which Strachan was researching in the latter half of the 1980s but which was never ultimately published. The papers primarily consist of correspondence relating to the processes of fundraising, research, preparation and publication of the works. This includes some letters from individual sculptors such as Elisabeth Frink, Roy Kitchin, Keith McCarter and Wendy Taylor. There are also research notes, and drafts of text for each volume, including the unpublished Open air sculpture supplement. In addition there is some material relating to Strachan's interest in and work on sculpture more generally, including drafts of some essays on the subject and a large collection of photographic postcards.


The material is arranged into three groupings as follows:

  • /1 Papers relating to Towards sculpture
  • /2 Papers relating to Open air sculpture in Britain
  • /3 General material relating to sculpture