Notes and drafts of articles

Scope and Content

Notes for, and typescript drafts of, articles written by Strachan on a range of subjects over a period of forty years. Most of these appeared in journals and magazines, although some were apparently never published. In the list below, material is listed chronologically based on date of publication, with unpublished and undated material at the end. Many of the published articles are also included in the collection; where this is the case, a reference is given in the list below. The material is as follows:

  • /1 Notebook containing notes by Strachan identified as notes for articles on art, and dated 1954; includes some notes specifically relating to his article on modern French engraving for the book which was published in The Studio in October 1954 (see WJS/4/15/10).
  • /2-3 Two different typescript versions of an article with the title 'Paris and the beau livre', with a list of proposed illustrations. Geoffrey Strachan suggests that this may have been published in Vogue in 1959, and there is a letter from Penelope Gilliatt of Vogue in the archive at WJS/2/6/169, which appears to refer to the commissioning of an illustrated article on this subject.
  • /4 Annotated typescript article: 'The book-illustration of Edouard Goerg', which was published in The Connoisseur in 1960 (see WJS/4/15/21).
  • /5 Annotated typescript article: 'The lithographs and etchings of Walter Spitzer', which was published as no. 8 in a series of 12 articles on 'The contemporary Beau Livre' in The Connoisseur in 1962 (see WJS/4/15/24).
  • /6 Annotated typescript article: 'Modern French bestiaries among livres d'artiste', which was published in The Private Library in 1970 (see WJS/4/15/30).
  • /7-8 Annotated typescript article: 'The contemporary female nude'; with separate typescript of revised pages 4-7 of the same article. The piece was published in Art and Artists in 1978 (see WJS/4/16/9).
  • /9-10 Typescript article: 'The Lakists: a footnote to celebrate an unpublished private diary of 1827', stored with a bundle of photocopies from the diary. This was published in The Countryman as 'A tour of the Lakes' in 1986 (see WJS/4/18/11).
  • /11 Incomplete typescript synopsis and fragments of different typescript drafts of an article on French bibliophile banquets; this was published as 'French Bibliophile Society banquet menus: Avati, Picasso, Aïzpiri, Minaux, and Jobert' in The Private Library in 1991 (see WJS/4/15/39).
  • /12 Bundle of manuscript and typescript notes relating to articles on Lewis Carroll (see /13-16 below).
  • /13-15 Three different annotated typescript drafts of the article 'Lewis Carroll and the Hatch sisters', which was published in the Contemporary Review in 1993.
  • /16 Pages from various different typescript drafts of the article 'Lewis Carroll: man of the theatre', which was published in the London Magazine in 1993 (see WJS/4/18/9). None of the drafts are complete.
  • /17 Pages from various different annotated typescript drafts of the article 'Around Pierre Betz and 'Le Point'', which was published in the London Magazine in 1994 (see WJS/4/18/20). This was the last article by Strachan to be published in his lifetime. Only one of the drafts appears to be complete.
  • /18-21 Papers relating to an article on the livre d'artiste that Strachan wrote for the Macmillion Dictionary of Art; this was published posthumously in 1996 (see WJS/4/15/41). Includes: bundle of correspondence with Macmillan, including notes for contributors etc (1987-1988); two complete annotated typescript drafts of the article; and a bundle of Strachan's rough notes and annotated typescript material.
  • /22 Typescript draft of the article 'Paris resurgent 1949-1950: encounters with personalities in the literary and art world', stored with a rejection note from Alan Ross of the London Magazine; Geoffrey Strachan suggests that this was probably submitted to the magazine in early 1994, shortly before Strachan's death.
  • /23 Annotated typescript draft of an essay, 'Sylvia Townsend Warner: a personal memoir'. This appeared in the London Magazine in 1979 (see WJS/4/18/9).
  • /24-26 Incomplete typescript drafts of two essays: 'Words, words, words: a diversion for ex-gents of the English trip and others who live by the word'; and 'How do you spell hyphen? A northern reflexion on name-snobbery'; stored with a bundle of Strachan's notes, relating to one or both of these essays. The two pieces are undated, although Geoffrey Strachan suggests that this may have been written in 1993.
  • /27 Annotated typescript draft of an article, 'The costume designs of Léon Gischia', which was probably never published. Stored with some related papers, such as pamphlets, rough notes, and transcripts of letters to Strachan from Gischia. The transcripts are closed.
  • /28 Four pages of rough manuscript notes on the sculptor Eugène Dodeigne, presumably intended for an article.
  • /29 Bundle of papers relating to a planned article on Étretat and artists associated with the area, which Strachan was apparently writing for Christopher Hewett but which was never completed. Includes a letter from Hewett, two photographs of paintings of Étretat by Matisse; reproduction of Monet's painting 'Étretat'; copy letter to Paul Schwartz relating to the piece; rough notes by Strachan; and some photocopies from printed sources (1975).

Conditions Governing Access

The transcripts of letters from Léon Gischia in /27 are closed.