Papers relating to Wendy Taylor project

Scope and Content

Strachan came across Wendy Taylor's work when preparing Open air sculpture in Britain; he considered her as an outstanding sculptor of her generation and became a friend and correspondent. He planned to publish a monograph about her work, and although he began accumulating material and drafting synopses, ultimately the book was never commissioned or written. This material relates to the projected monograph. Most of it dates from 1984-1986; the earlier material largely consists of documents about Taylor and her work collected over the years by Strachan or sent to him by Taylor herself (such as photocopied news articles, exhibition invitations and publicity material). Includes: copies of Strachan's letters to Taylor which discuss the project, and four letters from Taylor; lists of Taylor's work which Strachan photographed for inclusion in the book; lists of Taylor's open air commissions; drafts of Strachan's summary of the proposed volume, its content, illustrations etc; notes by Strachan; estimated costings for the production of the volume; correspondence with Lund Humphries, who considered publishing the book (including a bundle of Strachan's original letters to Charlotte Burri at Lund Humphries which also touch on other subjects, such as his Open air sculpture in Britain); some letters from other publishers and possible funders who considered the book; four-page copy typescript by Wendy Taylor entitled 'Sculpture in the landscape'; information about Wendy Taylor and her work, including lists of her sculptures and commissions, photocopied articles from newspapers and journals, and exhibition publicity material; series of photographs bound together and identified as 'Walls 1971-72' [presumably all works by Taylor]; a photograph of the maquette for Taylor's sculpture, Spirit of enterprise; and drafts of a four-page piece by Strachan entitled 'Wendy Taylor: a survey of twenty years' work', one draft of which appears to have comments by Taylor attached.

Related Material

There is some further correspondence relating to this project at WJS/17/1/19, and further correspondence with Wendy Taylor herself at WJS/5/1/2 and WJS/18/1/2/2/1.