Papers relating to Strachan's memoirs

Scope and Content

During the last years of his life Strachan was engaged in writing his memoirs, to which he gave the working title 'Encounters and relationships'. These went through many different drafts (represented here), and during the later stages he was greatly assisted by his friend Timothy Rogers, to whom he sent his manuscript in batches for typing; Rogers also made helpful editorial suggestions. The memoirs were left unpublished on Strachan's death, but his son Geoffrey subsequently edited his father's typescript and published it in 2005 as Only connect...poets, painters, sculptors: friendships and shared passions 1924-1994 (Jon Carpenter in collaboration with The Walter Strachan Archive).

This series of notes and manuscript and typescript drafts reflects the various stages of composition and editing of the memoirs, from Strachan's own early drafts to the final typescript of Only connect....


Geoffrey Strachan had organised this material into separate files, reflecting different stages of the memoirs' genesis, and within these files into sections reflecting different periods or chapters of Strachan's life. This arrangement is largely retained here.