Photographs of work by other sculptors

Scope and Content

Large bundle of loose and mixed material, predominantly photographs of sculpture by various artists. Where dates of original works are noted, these are given in the list below; unidentified works have been placed at the end of the list. Content is as follows:

  • /1 Kenneth Draper, Oriental Gateway, Bradford University (n.d.)
  • /2 Peter Sainty, unidentified work, Reading (n.d.)
  • /3-5 Liliane Lijn: Extrapolation (1982); and two different photographic postcards of Inner Light (1993), one of which is inscribed by Lijn.
  • /6 Trude Bunzl, Oedipus, Chichester (1984).
  • /7 [Aristide] Maillol, Flore, Oxford (n.d.)
  • /8-9 Naomi Blake: two pictures of Sanctuary, at St Botolph's Church, Aldgate (1985); one of the images shows Walter Strachan examining the sculpture.
  • /10 [Germaine] Richier, Le Berger des Landes (1951).
  • /11 Leslie Thornton, 2 Standing Figures (1955).
  • /12-15 Hubert Dalwood: Icon (1958); Open Square (1959); Queen (1960); and unidentified work.
  • /16 Jacob Epstein, Baby Awake (1902-4).
  • /17 Leslie Thornton, Archers (1956).
  • /18 Robert Adams, reinforced concrete relief, Municipal Theatre, Gelsenkirchen, Germany (n.d.)
  • /19 Jean Bauret, La Femme au Coq en Chêne (1944).
  • /20 Note and bundle of photocopies of sketches by Antoine Bourdelle, supplied to Strachan by his daughter Rhodia Dufet-Bourdelle (n.d.)
  • /21 Four mounted photographs of sculptures apparently at Hakone open-air sculpture park in Japan (n.d.)
  • /22-23 Christine Fox: Triangle (1987); Batrachian Cascade, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes (n.d.)
  • /24 Peter Randall-Page, Still Life (photographic postcard, n.d.)
  • /25 [Anton] Prinner, unidentified work; inscribed to Strachan and dated 17 April 1950.
  • /26 Geoffrey Clarke, maquettes for unidentified work (n.d.)
  • /27 Jonathan Clarke, unidentified sculpture (1988).
  • /28-30 [Walter Spitzer], maquettes for a work associated with Buchenwald (n.d.)
  • /31-35 [Giacomo Manzù, bas-relief bronze doors, St Peter's Basilica, Rome].
  • /36 Austin Wright, Plant; stored with covering letter from Sue Wright.
  • /37 Lynn Chadwick, Lion (1960).
  • /38-43 Unidentified photographs: three images of sculpture; one image of a relief; one of a drawing; and one apparently showing a sculptor's studio.