Asian Regional Conference on Women and the Household

Scope and Content

The Asian Regional Conference on Women and the Household was held at the Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi, on 27-31 Jan 1985. The file contains the full Conference Programme, including conference sub-themes and a list of papers to be given, an abstract book of the conference papers, a list of participants and full texts of the following papers:

'The ambiguous role of women in the south Indian family' by Suzanne Hatchett;'Depression and social change among Havik Brahmin women in a south Indian village' by Helen Ullrich;'The impact of development on women's relationships: a case study from Taiwan' by Rita Gallin;'Women and the Virasaiva household' by Leela Mullati;'Sanchi Honnamma's 'Hadibadeya Dharm': its relevance' by Sarojini Shintri;'Industrial subcontracting: effects of putting out systems in India' by Isa Baud;'Women Beedi workers in a Kerala village' by KR Lakshmi Devi Pallai;'Role of Bhotiya women of Garhwal in home-based production of wool' by Anjali Bahuguna;'Home-based production: a case study of women weavers in a village of eastern Uttar Pradesh' by Nigar Fatima Abidi;'A day in the life of Masi Pheelo, Punjab, Pakistan' by Nigar Ahmed and Shahnaz Ahmed;'The household and the women' by Cecilia Ng;'Invisible hands: women in home-based production in the garment export industry in Delhi' by Rukmini Rao and Sahba Hussain;'Muslim women, family law and the emerging Islamic feminism' by Fadwa el Guindi.