Translations by Gascoyne from the French of prose writings, arranged in ord ... 

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Translations by Gascoyne from the French of prose writings, arranged in order of the names of the original authors. Contents:

  • André Breton. ‘What is Surrealisim?’ A photocopy of a reprint of the original article of 1936 in an unidentified work with the running title ‘Consciousness and confusion’.
  • André Breton. Four typed leaves annotated by Gascoyne ‘…appears to be a rough draft of part of my translation of Breton’s “What is Surrealism?”, published by Fabers in 1936’.
  • André Breton. ‘ Cards on the dunes’, from his Clair de terre (Paris: Gallimard, 1923).
  • André Breton and Philippe Soupault. ‘The Magnetic Fields’. Introduction and chapter VI (‘Let’s move no more’), chapter VII (‘White gloves’), and introductory note by Gascoyne to his translation of ‘Vous m’oublierez’. The translation of chapter VI first published in Ambit, no. 95 (1983) and of chapter VII in Atlas Anthology, no. 2 (May 1984). The full translation published London: Atlas Press, 1985. Typewritten and photocopy of printed text of introduction with photocopy of the original French preface by Philippe Audoin.
  • René Char. ‘Madeleine with a night-light’. Typewritten.
  • René Char. ‘You did well to decamp, Arthur Rimbaud’, from Fureur et mystère (Paris: Gallimard, 1948). Typewritten .
  • René Daumal. ‘The poet’s last words (1936)’. Manuscript.
  • Benjamin Fondane. ‘Extract from Benjamin Fondane’s “Conversations with Léon Chestov”’. Photocopy of manuscript and published text in PN Review, no. 19 (1980).
  • Benjamin Fondane. ‘From Rimbaud the hooligan’. Manuscript. Published in Poetry Nation, no. 12 (1979).
  • Benjamin Fondane. ‘Meetings with Léon Chestov’. Manuscript. First published in Poetry Nation Review, vol. 7, no. 5 (1980).
  • Pierre Jean Jouve. ‘The present greatness of Mozart’. Photocopy of translation published in Horizon, vol. 1, no. 2 (Feb 1940), with photocopies of the original French version in Nouvelle revue française, vol. 49 (nov 1937) and the revised version published as in introduction to Le Don Juan de Mozart (Fribourg: Egloff, 1942) these all being enclosures to a letter of 1991 from Margaret M. Callander to Peter - , probably preceding the publication of Gascoyne’s translation as a separate work by published London: The Libanus Press, 1996, for which a prospectus is included.
  • Pierre Jean Jouve. The Unconscious spirituality catastrophe (Child Okeford: Words Press, [1991?]). Photocopy.
  • Loys Masson. Three translations of prose by Loys Masson. Autograph. Published in Modern Poetry in Translation (Manchester: Carcanet, 1983).

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