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A portfolio of uncollected poems, submitted by Gascoyne to accompany his application for the position of writer in residence to Hampshire County Library, received by the library on 10 May 1983. Fifty-five poems are listed on the contents list, and photocopied cuttings or typewritten texts of the following are in the portfolio: ‘Fading avenues’, ‘Summer’s echo’, ‘Before storm’, ‘Evening on the Thames’, ‘Eclipse of the Moon’, ‘Reflected in jet’, ‘Plethora’, Lucubration’ (all of which are extracted from the photocopy of Roman Balcony, and Other Poems at Add MS 89011/2/1), ‘Seaside souvenirs’, ‘On the terrace’, ‘Susan’, ‘A Sudden squall’, ‘Speculation’, ‘A Penitential poem’, ‘The Conspirators’, ‘Signs’, ‘Concert of angels’, ‘Automatic album leaves’ ‘The End is near the beginning’, four of ‘Five poems’, i.e. ‘Germinal’, ‘Gnu opaque’, ‘Marrow’, ‘Baptism’, ‘The Great day’, ‘The Symptomatic world’, ‘Three verbal objects’, ‘Three cabaret songs; 3. Sizzling seclusion’, ‘Three verbal sonatinas’, ‘On rereading Jacob Boehme’s “Aurora”’, ‘Prelude to a new fin-de-siècle’, ‘Rare occasional poem’, ‘Variations on a phrase’, ‘Dodecatribute to Miron Grindea at 75’, ’A Sarum sestina’, ‘Arbres, bêtes, cours d’eau pour Salah Stétié’. Other texts of some of these poems are also included in the files of printed, copied or typewritten poems at Add MS 89011/2/7.

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