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Articles and essays written between 1995 and 1998 and undated

  • ‘Geoffrey Grigson: man of principle’, [1985]. Typewritten. Published in Grigson at Eighty (Cambridge: Rampant Lions Press, 1985) and in Selected Prose, 1934-1996.
  • ‘Sketch for autobiographical fragment: Lea’, 1986. A manuscript note.
  • ‘Stanley William Hayter’, 1986? A brief typewritten tribute.
  • ‘Anniversary epistle to Allen [Ginsberg]’, [1986]. Typewritten.
  • ’Ars Zeylanica: the lotus and the rose, Purcell Room, South Bank … June 21st 1987’. A programme of a concert inspired by Tambimuttu, with an appreciation of Tambimuttu by Gascoyne.
  • ‘Long live the weeds’. Photocopy of article published in Resurgence, no. 124 (Oct-Nov 1987).
  • ‘Flowers in the precinct’, [1989]. On Kathleen Raine. Photocopy of typewritten article. Intended for publication in Temenos, but such publication cannot be traced.
  • ‘PL editions and Graham Sutherland’, [1989]. Typewritten first paragraph and photocopy of proofs of article in Tambimuttu: bridge between two worlds (London: Peter Owen, 1989). Published in Selected Prose, 1934-1996.
  • Opening of draft autobiography for Gale Research Publications, 2 Oct 1991. Manuscript.
  • Introduction to The Collected Poems of Elizabeth Smart (London: Paladin, 1992). Typewritten. Published in Selected Prose, 1934-1996.
  • ‘Francis Ponge’. Six typewritten drafts, some unfinished, some with manuscript amendments, the last dated 7 Jun 1992, and an annotated photocopy of the published text, written for ‘The Reference Guide to World Literature (London: St James’s Press, 1993. With a letter from the press and notes on contributions to the work.
  • ‘A Letter from el Escorial', 1992 . On Laurence Durrell. Typewritten, with manuscript amendments. Submitted to The Independent, but rejected, see letter from The Independent of 26 Aug 1992 at Add MS 89011/6/5.
  • ‘American poetry in France’, 1992. Incomplete manuscript draft of an article, dated 2 Sep 1992.
  • ‘Une lettre perdue et retrouvée de Benjamin Fondane à David Gascoyne’ , transcribed from Add MS 56060, followed by an interview by Ramona Fotiade with Gascoyne about the letter, in Bulletin de la Société d’Etudes Benjamin Fondane, no. 3 (printemps 1995).
  • ‘The Most astonishing book in the English language’. An account of ‘OAHSPE: a new Bible’, [1992]. Typewritten. A shorter version was published in Brought to book (London: Penguin, 1992), and in the extended form represented here in Selected prose, 1934-1996.
  • ‘Marginal places and the necessary angel: a project for the Cathedral of the Holy and Undivided Trinity, Bristol’, n.d. Typewritten and photocopied manuscript.
  • ‘Era & Thanatos’, n.d. A manuscript article relating to a programme on terrorism broadcast by the BBC.
  • ‘J. M. G. Le Clézio’. n.d. A short typewritten article, for which publication has not been traced.
  • ‘John Fowles’, n.d. A short typewritten article, for which publication has not been traced.
  • ‘Vaclav Havel’, n.d. A short typewritten article, for which publication has not been traced.
  • Untitled article on William Blake, n.d. Typewritten with manuscript amendments.
  • Untitled autobiographical essay reflecting on ‘the agony of the past few years of my life’, n.d. Possibly not by Gascoyne.
  • ‘A Conversation with Alberto Giacometti’, n.d. The interviewer is named as G. Charbonnier, but the typescript has been amended in typewriting and in Gascoyne’s hand.

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